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Castle Home Loans receives a lot of positive feedback from our valued clients covering all aspects of our services. 

We’re happy to be able to say that we’ve had many expressions of appreciation from our clients. 

On this page, you’ll also see comments about our services which may be very relevant to your needs. We invite you to browse through these comments and see what our clients have said about our financial solutions, personal services, and more.

Castle loans are very highly recommended by us. The whole experience of obtaining an investment loan gave me initial anxiety but with castle, the anxiety soon disappeared.
Feb 2020
We have used Col’s services twice now and he is very honest and informative. Everything is stress free. We would highly recommend Col to anyone looking to buy a house.
March 2020
I will continue to recommend Col to everyone I know! He chased the banks and everyone involved endlessly until we had what was required. Took the stress out of purchasing our first home!
Feb 2020

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Whether you’re a professional investor or someone looking for guidance to manage your financial needs, call us.

Our friendly team will assist with clarifying financial issues and options, managing investment finance, and all the critical aspects of securing your financial future.  

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If you’re a business that’s considering refinancing, first-time homebuyers in need of a loan, or just want a better mortgage rate, the professional brokers at Castle Home Loans offer the best service the Gold Coast’s has to offer. We come to you at a time that suits, and best of all, our services are free!